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are expected to be responsible to the student with whom they work and not for the student. Responsibility includes being on time and keeping appointments with students. Remember, each student is responsible for his or her personal academic success or failure.

Our dedication to academic advising will help Idaho State student-athletes find a path through the transitions from high school through college to career. The narrowest view of advising is that you review and approve an advisee’s course schedule each semester. While that is a critical component, it is a minimal concept of advising. The role of academic advisor is much broader than helping with course selection. It also includes:

  • Assisting students in understanding their strengths, interests, and values
  • Assisting students in developing an educational plan consistent with their life goals, athletic goals and their objectives         
  • Assisting students in developing their decision making skills
  • Providing and explaining general education requirements
  • Providing and explaining NCAA Progress Towards Degree requirements
  • Monitoring and discussing issues of concern regarding academic progress
  • Recommending opportunities for personal growth and academic development
  • Refer student-athletes to specific campus or community resources that can help with unique needs such as career information, study skills , time management, or financial resources
  • Providing accurate information about institutional and departmental policies, regulations, procedures, and resources
  • Providing student-athletes with information about educational and career paths related to their major

This information and other supporting materials are available through the Student-Athlete Support Center, Central Academic Advising, ISU Career Center, and the NCAA manual.

Advisors are not expected to be a psychologist, parent, coddler, and/or have omniscient presence. But throughout advising work, need to remain human in their dealings with student-athletes and others.

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Nancy Graziano Associate Athletic Director/SWA  208-282-4503 
Matt Steuart Assistant Athletic Director for Academics  208-282-2575 
James H. Yizar, Jr. Assistant Athletic Director for Student Success 208-282-3545 
Michael Lacey Director of Football Academics 208-282-3312 
Phillip Pleasant Academic Advisor 208-282-3546 
Gioia Ibrahim Student-Support Graduate Assistant 208-282-5899 
Showing 6 items