Summer internship in Behavioral Ecology and RA in Adventure Learning (ecosystem services).

Rosemary J. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology

Department of Biological Sciences,
Idaho State University

Dr. Smith's office is located on the Pocatello campus of ISU, in Gale Life Science 332/333, phone 208-282-4918.
Mailing Address: Mail Stop 8007, ISU, Pocatello, ID 83209-8007.
Directions:  google map.

Undergraduate Research
Students at RMBL


(current students should link to courses using Moodle)

1101- Honors Biology I

1102 -Biology II

4413/5513   - Biology Teaching Methods

5514- Teaching Assistant Seminar

6693- Seminar in College Teaching

    Fall 2011- The Academic Career

    Fall 2012- Teaching with Technology

    Fall 2013- Developing and Assessing a college-        level course

6694- Advanced Studies in College Teaching

    Spring 2012- The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

    Spring 2013- Learning and the Brain

    Spring 2014- Science communication and outreach 

7700- Supervised Teaching Internship

Hiking near the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Colorado.


I have research interests and expertise in the ecology and behavior of burying beetles and small mammal ecology. I am also deeply involved in the preparation of future biology teachers and faculty, and have taken the lead in the MNS in Biology and Doctor of Arts in Biology graduate program at ISU, and as the PI of ISU's NSF-funded GK-12 Project (2004-2011).  I have conducted scholarly work and have publications in both pedagogical and biological arenas.

Burying beetle tending offspring.

I am always looking for excellent graduate students, and have a strong record of successful mentorship.  So far I have had 3 MS, 6 MNS, 6 DA, and 1 Ph.D. student and have served on the committees of 22 other graduate students. I currently have two DA students, and am serving on the committees of 5 others.

If you are interested in college-level teaching as a career- the Doctor of Arts in Biology program is designed for you!  The program blends biological content and research with teaching strategies and practice.  See the complete description and guidelines DA in Biology Program. There are 3-year Fellowships (+tuition & fee waivers) available to qualified students (MS required). NEW!  Position available for a graduate student to design and assess the summer Adventure Learning program at ISU associated with the new NSF-MILES grant (Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services).

I have conducted research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory since 1983. The RMBL is a world-renown high-altitude field station that emphasizes field research. It is located at 9,500 feet in the Upper East River Valley of the Colorado Rocky Mountains (about 8 miles from Crested Butte). Each summer I work with 2-4 undergraduates and  graduate students. Click on RA information on sidebar for more info on the internship and how to apply.