How to use Prezi in the classroom

In this lesson you we will explore possible ways in which Prezi could be used in the classroom
Prezi can be such a versatile tool in the classroom.  This lesson will give you some ideas on what Prezi can be used for.  It will also have a link to the CSI Prezi Wiki so you can share your ideas for using Prezi with your peers. 
Click on the following links to see an example of how Prezi can be used in the classroom:
As a presentation tool
As a way for online and distance learning students to introduce themselves.  (helps in the creation of virtual presence and learning communities)
As a way for students to explore content and come to a collaborative understanding
Even as a way to advertise for your program
These ideas are just scratching the surface! 

Go to the discussion board  and answer the following prompts:
  1. What are some ways you can see yourself using Prezi from a teacher centered perspective?
  2. What are some student centered learning activities you can see yourself using Prezi for? 

As you use Prezi in your classroom and come up with more ideas we would like you to share those ideas in the CSI Prezi Wiki.  This is an opportunity to share your ideas, examples, and reflections with your colleagues which will ultimately serve to help us all in our efforts to become better educators. You will want to check back on this Wiki over the coming months to share your ideas and get new ideas from your peers.
Click here to go to the CSI Prezi Wiki

Congratulations You have finished the CSI Faculty Prezi Training.