Peter Flipsen Jr., PhD, S-LP(C), CCC-SLP


Professor of Speech-Language Pathology
School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences
Dept of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Idaho State University
1311 E Central Drive
Meridian, ID   83642
Phone (208) 373-1727
Fax: (208) 373-1811

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My current research program is devoted to examining atypical acquisition of speech sound production skills in children. Both perceptual (i.e., transcription) and acoustic analysis methods are utilized. A past focus of the lab has been on factors related to long-term speech sound normalization in children whose only difficulty has been with acquiring the speech sound system (i.e., children with speech delay of unknown origin). Currently the main focus of research in my lab is on how intelligible speech develops in young hearing impaired children who have been fitted with cochlear implants. Both longitudinal and cross-sectional data sets are being developed. Some ongoing and upcoming projects relating to this population include:

- intelligibility of conversational speech
- intelligibility of single-word speech
- acoustic analysis of place and manner contrasts
- occurrence of natural process errors
- contribution of natural process errors to reduced speech intelligibility
- prosody-voice characteristics of conversational speech
- development of whole-word accuracy

More recently I have also branched out into treatment research with ongoing collaborations with researchers in California and New York.