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Adam Koster

Goals for MS program:

My goals for this program are to gain a better understanding of geology and the techniques involved in analyzing geologic materials. I am specifically interested in getting a better understanding of volcanology. Furthermore, I would like to attain more skill and knowledge of analytical techniques such as: petrography, x-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscopy, and ICP-MS. Having these skills will help me in achieving my eventual goal of attaining a Ph.D.

Research project:

I will be studying the geochemistry and petrology of a portion of the Los Tuxtlas Volcanic Field which is in southern Veracruz, Mexico. My research will be aimed at gaining a better understanding of the magmatic plumbing system beneath the field. To this end I will be using geographic information systems, petrography (point counting), X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, ICP-MS, and other analytical methods. 

Activities for 11/6:
Figure out why additive model doesn't come out symmetric in Test1.pdf (priority)
color/scale problems in 1000mmap.pdf
continue on Conclusions
schematic explanation of additive model steps
{SKN: CH 2, 3, 5}

Activities for 10/30:
write semi-literate (schematic-based) explanation for model methods, including faux data set like discussed together
Send Ch's 2 & 3 to SKN
Do updates to Ch 5, then send to SKN
send SKN copy of probability maps
start on Conclusions chapter
{SKN: finish Ch 1&4, return}

Activities for 10/23:
check additive probabilities for 3 step-size plot
put step-sizes plot maps onto same color scale bar
subtract CoCo approach from your approach -- map of high expectation but no current volcanoes
write additive methods into Ch 3, first draft of figure explaining method
Send Ch 2,3,5 to SKN
read papers about funky Cocos assertions, slabs running into each other
{SKN: catch up on editing}

Activities for 10/9:
email final prosp, telling them SKN will collect signatures
continue modifying additive prob.
do Read on Ch 1&4, then send to SKN
{SKN: finish editing Ch 2, start on Ch 1&4 as they arrive}
modify Ch 2, 3, 5

Activities for 10/2:
send prosp to DP, note changed areas
additive probability in code
plot additive probability map
slow read Ch 1&4
send fig embedded Ch 2&5
{Sh: continue editing}

Activities for 9/25:
continue variogram analyses
DP edits
continue edits Ch 4, 1
edits new figs per discussion
embed figs in chapters
first attempt at recombining variograms as map
{Sh: continue Ch 2&5, also 3)

Activities for 9/18:
variogram code: try v. small hit radii, smaller angle search.
variogram plots
continue to contact MM
MM edits to prospectus
find missing parts of Fig 1, other minor fig edits as discussed, road map fig
edit Ch 3,4
{edit Ch1,2,5}

Activities for 9/11:
harass MM
{re-find or re-finish Ch2 edits, send to AK}
{read, edit Ch 1, 4}
edit Ch 2 when back from Sh
edit prospectus when comments from MM
edit figs as discussed
continue with the variogram code, using smaller radius and smaller step size, emphasis on repeats
goal: create variogram plots

Activities for 9/4:
Send edited figs to Sh
update new round of figs
may need to follow up with comm
finish variogram code
send variogram output to Sh
refile intent to graduate
email Melissa re: registration
edit Ch2
rough draft geochem chapter

Activities for 8/28:
{Sh: finish edits/comments and send; search for papers Adam requested}
post additional figs to Drive or Dropbox
edits to figs as discussed
contact comm members re: signatures on prospectus
check code re: S variogram
intermediary variogram angles
check on intent to graduate form: refile?

Activities for 8/21:
{Sh: re-edit Ch2 (didn't save), read prospectus, Ch1}
renormalize cone distances per discussion for variograms, add intermediary angles
list of figures for Pet chapter
make 15 figures for thesis, including captions
email comm. members re: new prospectus version and signatures

Activities for 8/12:
Look up more monogenetic field distribution papers
variograms (E-W, N-S)
what do streaks of cones have in common in VD vs Length?
{Sh: send edited text}
Respond to comments in edited text

Activities for 8/1:
Continue to explore spatial/temporal relationships
first pass at anisotropy algorithm
edit petrology, geochem, other existing writing
finish updates to prospectus (DP, MM)

Activities for 7/10:
cone volume as function of local vent density and/or crossing alignments?
explore frequency vs orientation -- relatie percents on each side of SMT divide
filter lengths  - use AnalystSoft with Excel to limit to 1 sdtev
{Sh: read/edit prospectus, petrology text}

Activities for 7/3:
incorporate DP and MM edits to prospectus
draft of pet results text (~<5 pages)
qualitative anisotropy story, supported by figures minor text

Activities for 5/22:
incorporate DP edits to prospectus
pin down MM on required edits
drafts of geochem and pet results text
qualitative anisotropy story, supported by figures

Activities for 4/30:
harass MM
parallel project: parallel

Activities for 4/23:
harass MM
focus on parallel project: get it in serial

Activities for 4/9:
need responses from MM and DP
alignment investigations: volume weight, variance/std dev, etc.
gravity model - check in with Mike, send to Sh
Questions we have: Do cones at intersections have different (larger) volumes? Is there a spatio-temporal recurrence interval, and does it vary with alignment angle, cone density, or position in field? Is apparent change in alignment strength at SMT real or not? 

Activities for 3/19:
bring presentation for Colloquium
Clean up on temporal figures, and add morphology based cones by age
(Sh: send Chanie's photos of thin-sections to Adam) 
Check in with committee about prospectus requirements to sign off
Work on Ch 3 and parts of results
read through code to refresh on volume concerns

Activities for 3/5:
Gather committee for meeting
meeting prep: clean figures in a presentation

Activities for 2/26:
revised conceptual model/figure
read Pearson papers
bring alignment graphs, illustrating trends

Activities for 2/19:
table of alignment data
geochem stacked graphs
methods outline - detailed, with refs
(Sh: figure out where Ch1 went)

(no meeting 2/4 due to illness)

Activities for 2/5:
meet with Mike re: geochem
send Ch 1 and prospectus to SKN on 1/29
read pet paper and update pet interps
code: run without morphometry sort
distances: alignment length vs. average distance, average distance relative to alignment angle, cone volume vs. distance (plots, numbers)

Activities for 1/29:
(Sh: send final edits from Christmas Break content)
send clean plots ASAP, TOC, PS
Make changes to text based on SKN edits
finally finish code

Activities for 1/22:
Finish code
Use problem statement worksheet to develop PS
Flesh out more sections in TOC
Clean up stacked plots - label axes, align plots, highlight those with meaning
(Sh: review content turned it, edit/comment)

Activities over break:
Write: Introduction, Geologic Setting, Table of Contents (detailed outline) (Chapters: Intro, Geologic Setting, Methods, Results: Physiography,      
        Results: Geochemistry, Results: Petrography, Discussion, Conclusions)
geochem and petrography graphs and short story
write clear, succinct problem statement
finish code

Activities for 12/17:
microprobe mini-proposal
send Sh stacked graphs with interps
sort out logical statements in code for sorting and distances
list of break goals
edits on prospectus

Activities for 12/10:
send Sh file with stacked graphs, geochem and pet interpretations
send prospectus to Shannon by 11/28
AGU poster
alignment code: finish

Activities for 11/26:
plot point counts in Excel - write a clean copy of interpretation (include refs)
edit prospectus, return to SKN (then MMC, BC)
add arrays, test, get loops going

Activities for 10/29:
focus on thin sections, point counting
  - population definitions
finish read-in for code (confirm works properly)

Activities for 10/8:
pellets? Ask Mike
work out reading issues in code
prospectus edits

Activities for 10/4:
Ask around about chemistry hood/access
finish code
send Shannon prospectus edits
contact MSU about geochem extra cuttings
start point counting (if time)

Activities for 9/24:
Complete poster
  - images, etc. talk to Diana
<Shannon reads and edits prospectus>
email Mike and Shannon to schedule group meeting
start writing cone alignment code 
      - read files, set up the do loops

Activities for 9/17:
start writing cone alignment code (delay one week)
      - read files, set up the do loops
send Shannon Fenner diagrams
finish prospectus edits
Rocky Mountain Rendezvous abstract - By Tuesday
poster draft by 9/18

Activities for 9/10:
Continue writing cone alignment code
time-relevant geochem diagrams
prospectus edits

Activities for 9/3:
Continue logging cone alignment time relationships
Edit Intro chapter (too much work right now, hold off)
Find out about thin sections

Activities for 5/8:
fix P-chem enrollment
more cone alignments
prep prospectus presentation
COV7 abstract

Activities for 5/1:
Register for fall classes
cone alignments
hypothesize relative dates along field alignments

Activities for 4/17:
TAS code
maars fix
volc class sieving

Activities for 4/11:
keep debugging TAS code
vent alignments

Activities for 4/3:
continue debugging TAS - upper row
draw alignments, enter values into attribute table
mess with TVF-6b (high Mg)

Activities for 3/20:
search bugs TAS
work on alignments

Activities for 3/13:
debug TAS, add input file
Linux tinkering
start mapping alignments
read AlGo01

Activities for 3/6:
finish Idaho Space Grant proposal (due 3/5!)
finish bounds for TAS code, add input file
2 pages in introduction

Activities for 2/28 (no meeting 2/21: at EPSCoR CI event):
debug TAS - runtime bugs for dog-leg fields
3 more pages in introduction
read URC call, start filling in text
keep looking for Martian monogenetic papers, find: A unique volcanic field in Tharsis, Mars: Pyroclastic cones as evidence for explosive eruptions by 
  • P. Brož and 
  • E. Hauber

  • Activities for 2/14:
    debug TAS
    look up Martian monogenetic papers, summarize
    write 2 more pages in introduction

    Activities for 2/7:
    Finish proposal text and budget
    figure edits

    Activities for 1/31:
    Proposal figure (2 insets)
    2nd drafts of proposal

    Activities for 1/24:
    Write a 1st draft of the GSA proposal - 1 fig
    finish up the intro 3 pages
    fix code bugs

    Activities for 1/17:
    code: allow it to read an input file with multiple entries, and output results in a file
    code2: complete TAS code. (basic IDs)
    writing: Intro draft, 3 pages

    Activities for 1/10:
    finish rock code
      - bottom triangle
      - accept raw point count values, normalize to 100
    map: adjust/check cones and contacts; make blackout polygons
    draft Introduction chapter

    Activities for 12/13:
    programming: finish QAP half of code
    read on monogenetic statistics
    outline monogenetic section for thesis
    map: adjust/check cones and contacts; make blackout polygons
    write goals and project description