11:00 pm Thursday, May 27 Through 6:00 am Friday, May 28

posted May 27, 2010, 9:57 AM by Robert Howe

IT Services:

The following servers/services are scheduled for maintenance  during the weekly Thursday Information Technology Services (ITS) maintenance window: 



Banner Production - to install FinAid 8.7 patches


Air Conditioner Pump Replacement 

A failing pump for one of the data center air conditioners will be replaced during the maintenance window. We will be turning off a number of test systems, along with the Biology XServe cluster, to keep the room temperature acceptable for production systems. 

It is possible, however,  that we may have to turn off some production systems during the maintenance window to maintain an acceptable temperature.  Some of these systems/service may include Moodle ISU, HP1, MyISU, Faculty/Staff Tools, ISU Web Site, Y Drive, among others. 

Note:  Banner systems will not be impacted as they are housed in a different data center (with a backup/redundant HVAC system).


The listed service(s) will be unavailable for a portion of the maintenance window in order to install patches.