The International Affairs Council (IAC) is a student club that was first organized in the early 1970's with the goal of sponsoring an annual international affairs symposium on campus. As you can see we are just a small group of normal college students. We all share one thing in common, though, a desire to make the world a better place. 

Initially, the IAC sponsored a model United Nations, the first such project in Idaho. The narrow scope of the simulation and the inability of individuals outside the IAC to actively participate inhibited the fulfillment of the IAC’s objectives. IAC believes sharing different viewpoints is vital to understanding the resolutions of complex international problems. The Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs has allowed IAC to continue its search for understanding. In the spring of each year since 1972, speakers have been brought to Pocatello for three days to discuss problems in the international arena. Representatives from over 45 nations have participated in IAC forums to date.

As the world around us continues to change, we look to the future and what it brings to countries around the world. This year's topic, leadership and power struggles, hopes to educate those who attend our events about some of the recent changes that have occurred across the globe, including the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, the political unrest in Asia, and the influence of democracy as it struggles against totalitarian and bureaucratic authoritarian regimes outside the borders of the United States. We hope that you will take information from this symposium and further your knowledge of current affairs. Thanks so much for your time!

The Idaho State University International Affairs Council

Faculty Advisors:

Advisor: Dr. Raphael Njoku
Executive Secretary: Rachael Johnston

Student Officers:

President: Samantha Simpson
Vice-President: Morgan Pitcock
Host Chair: Jessica McBean
Publicity Chair: Svenja Tegtmeier
Correspondence Chair: 
Secretary: Alejandro Cortez