Senator Frank Church

Forrester Church served the state of Idaho and the nation with great distinction and dedication. He was born in Boise, Idaho on July 25, 1924. During World War II, he served in the United States Army assigned to military intelligence in India, Burma, and China from 1942 until 1946.

Following his discharge, he received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 1947. In 1950, Frank Church graduated from the Stanford Law School and after passing the Idaho Bar Exam, he commenced the practice of law in Boise, Idaho.

In 1956, he commenced a successful campaign to become the fifth youngest member ever to sit in the United States Senate. Known for his intelligence, acuity, and sensitivity to the nuances of American diplomatic interests, he chaired the Committee on Foreign Relations during the difficult period of the Vietnam War. He also served as chair of the Special Committee on Aging, and a member of the Special Committee on Termination of the National Emergency.

During the 21st General Assembly of the United Nations, Frank Church was chosen as a delegate to represent the United States. His forthright character and discernment won the respect of scholars and leaders throughout the world. Frank Church died on April 7th, 1984. In recognition of his distinguished service to the world, the members of the International Affairs Council hold the Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs every year.