Who we are

    My name is Steven Pope, my wife and I are the owners of Grubby Hunting Labs.  Even though we have since sold Grubby to our good friends at Snake River Retrievers, we still carry the name.  We learned a lot about labs and training from her, and we continue to learn as we go.  Since I graduated from college last spring we have had some other changes and we expect more to come.  However one thing will not change.  Our commitment to provide a quality healthy lab for you.  We not only check hips and elbows through OFA, but we also obtain some genetic clearances so that we don't pass bad genes along as well.  Some of the things we check for are EIC (exorcise induced collapse).  Since getting involved with breeding labs we have herd many horror stories about folks who have purchased dogs and become attached to them only to learn to late that their new family companion has a disease that will affect them for the rest of their lives and render them unable to hunt.

While we can't promise that your new dog will be 100% healthy all the time, we guarantee that your new dog will not have hip,elbow, or any of the common genetic issues that are currently known and tested for.  We test all of our dogs for EIC,CNM and have their eyes hips and elbows checked.