The Positive Body Image Symposium

March 5th and 6th, 2018

The Gender Resource Center at Idaho State University (ISU) presents the 2nd annual Positive Body Image Symposium and are proud to collaborate with the ISU Department of Public Health, ISU Department of Dance, Counseling and Testing and an eclectic group of presenters.

Thank You to the Union Pacific Railroad Foundation for a community grant for 2017.

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March 5th, from 4:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. in the Rendezvous Suites A, B and C

Keynote speakers:

Lexie Kite, Ph.D. and Lindsay Kite, Ph.D. Since establishing Beauty Redefined in 2009, Lexie and Lindsay have become leading experts in the work of body image resilience through research-backed online education available on their website, social media, and through speaking events to tens of thousands across the US. While many well-intentioned people promote positive body image from the basis of helping women realize and embrace their beauty, Beauty Redefined changes the conversation about body image by telling girls and women they are MORE than beautiful. Lexie and Lindsay assert positive body image is about feeling positively toward your body overall, not just what it looks like.

The Beauty Redefined mantra is: “Women are more than just bodies. See more. Be more.” This expanded definition of positive body image provides the foundation for their overall mission to promote body image resilience, or the ability to become stronger *because* of the difficulties and shame women experience in their bodies, not *in spite of* those things. Through both research and personal experiences, Beauty Redefined works to arm girls and women with the tools to become resilient in the face of objectification and unreal ideals about female bodies.


The Positive Body Image Symposium focuses on how ideas and stereotypes concerning body image can impact the quality of everyday life. By acknowledging the role society, media, peers, and other influences play, we can begin to break down some of the barriers they constitute and move towards awareness that our bodies are powerful and are there to serve us in a positive way. This year the conference will be presenting a great combination of local ISU faculty and guest presenters. The Positive Body Image Symposium offers a unique opportunity for ISU students of all levels, as well as interested community members, to experience a professional conference without having to travel or pay expensive registration fees.  The symposium offers anyone needing CE's, the opportunity to get them by attending the symposium.


For questions or more information about this symposium or other events, please contact the Gender Resource Center Center at 282-2805, or e-mail Stephanie Richardson at richstep@isu.edu.