About Us

Freethinkers Atheists & Agnostics for Religious Tolerance of ISU Advancing the non-theistic Community and Education

The Freethinkers Atheists & Agnostics for Religious Tolerance of ISU is dedicated to building, educating, and nurturing a diverse community of Freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, and the nonreligious at ISU and beyond. FAART serves undergraduate and graduate student communities; in addition, ISU faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public are welcome and encouraged to participate and join in our activities.

We are building a dynamic institution engaged in:

  • Cultivating a community of people who support each other through life, empowering one another to live lives guided by reason and motivated by compassion;
  • Advancing dialogue on ethics and human values; and between non-theism and religion;
  • Practicing secular meditation and contemplative techniques;
  • Advancing human rights and the dignity of every person, by engaging in community service alongside fellow secularists;
  • Celebrating science and critical inquiry as humanity’s best tools for learning about the world;
  • Facilitating a network within the ISU network; a home away from home at ISU for non-theist affiliates.