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Gaurav Kaushik, Ph.D.

Current role: Assisting ongoing laboratory work by continuing the work that I conducted during my PhD research. I will work on manuscripts and carry out some new experiments to generate useful data.

Contact & Profiles:
  • E-mail: 
  • Phone: 
    (208) 244-4357 [Cell]
  • Office: 316/317 Gale Life Sciences Building

Training, experience:
  • PhD Biology [2015] at ISU.
  • Research Associate in Panacea Biotec Ltd. (Vaccine & Bio-pharmaceutical Division), New Delhi, India. [2009-10].
  • MS in Biotechnology, National University of Ireland (University College Cork), Ireland [2008]
  • Bachelor in Engineering (BE) in Biotechnology, Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana, India [2007]


My Research was to study the key role of synaptic proteins in idiopathic Autism. It includes designing of a protein-protein interaction network associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and analyzing it with various bioinformatics tools. Also, using in vitro, in vivo  and other molecular biology approaches, the expression of key synaptic proteins is analyzed under the effect of psychoactive pharmaceuticals at environmental concentrations. 

Teaching Experience:

Teaching Assistantship - Anatomy and Physiology Biology Lab 301 & 302.

Teaching Assistantship - Introduction to Biology Lab 101

DA Fellowship


  • Cope G, Kaushik G, O'Sullivan SM, Healy V: Gamma-melanocyte stimulating hormone regulates the expression and cellular localization of epithelial sodium channel in inner medullary collecting duct cells. Peptides 2013, 47(0):54-59.
  • Kaushik G, Thomas MA, and Ahi K. Psychoactive pharmaceuticals as environmental contaminants disrupt highly inter-connected nodes in an Autism-associated protein-protein interaction network. In Press BMC Bioinformatics.