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This page contains information about the server 

This server is designated as a shared server for computationally intensive jobs for the Math department.   

  • 2 Socket server with each socket containing a 6 core Intel Xeon X5690 processor running @ 3.47GHz.  
  • 12 physical cores, and 24 virtual due to hyperthreading.  
  • 144 gb of RAM
  • 1TB hard drive space in RAID 1

Operating System:  Ubuntu Linux version 10.04 64bit.  

It has a minimal (but growing) collection of free software installed, this is intentional to keep it uncluttered and not have unnecessary software  
If there is some software you'd like to see installed, please create a ticket by visiting
(logon your ISU webmail or bengalweb password) or email 

Sage Math software is installed and available in a web browser you can login at   
Sage requires a separate account.  You will have to request an account to sage you can do that by creating a ticket as in the paragraph above or stop by PS326 and see Thom or Michael. 

GAP3 The last release of GAP 3 was 3.4.4 which was announced in the  on April 22, 1997. GAP 3 was frozen in May 2000 with bugfix 13 and will not be developed any further. We are still making it available because not only may there still be some users having private programs written in GAP 3, but also not all funtionality available through GAP 3 has yet been transferred to GAP 4. This is in particular true for some user contributions to GAP 3 such as the 'share packages' CHEVIE, matrix, and some quotient algorithms. from: 

Other Free and Open Source Software:  numpy, scipy, mathplotlib.  IDLE and SPE for python development

Licensed software installed on it includes.  
  • Mathematica (icon on desktop or type mathematica at the command prompt) 
  • Maple 14  (icon on desktop or maple at the command prompt) 
  • Matlab 2011a  (icon on desktop or matlab at the command prompt) 
  • Absoft Pro Fortran 11.1.2 with IMSL libraries.  (icon on desktop or type 'atools' at the command prompt, command line fortran compilers also available in /opt/absoft11.1/bin)   
  • Magma  (type magma from the command prompt)
How do I connect to this server?

You'll have to have your username added to the server to be able to access it.  You can request this by creating a ticket as described above or sending an email to

Regardless of how you connect, use your ISU bengalweb/webmail password to login to leibniz.   

You can access the server using the following protocols that all connect over port 22: SSH, SFTP, SCP, RSYNC, and NX.

If you desire a graphical user interface follow this guide to setup the NX client.  You could also possibly load it on a flash drive for use in labs, etc. 

To access it via a command line interface you can use a SSH client such as putty for windows, or ssh from MacOS or Linux. From Linux of MacOS, you can also use X forwarding to redirect graphical applications to your desktop.  To do this from a Terminal window (command prompt)  type ssh -XY   To transfer files between your home computer and leibniz using SFTP and Filezilla, see these instructions

It may be possible to access the server with samba in the future at \\ (not currently implemented but in progress)