catering the best of Turkish folk & rock in the USA

istavritistanbul has been playing together for more than a few years with the sole objective of having fun. In the process, they have come to know that their pleasure of playing together had some indispensable entertainment value for others. With this motivation, they started to play at a few venues in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area for increased cumulative fun. istavritistanbul has been paying tribute to some of the very important figures of the Turkish Rock and Folk music by presenting their sounds and lyrics to the best of their talent and creative abilities.

istavritistanbul's original 2007 lineup included Ceyhun (guitars), Ali (guitars and vocal), Anil (bass), and Akin (drums). Later, Pablo joined as istavritistanbul's keyboard player, and then Yagiz (guitars) has joined to cover up for Ceyhun, who is on leave now. Currently, our five piece lineup live in four different states across US. Despite geographic restrictions, istavritistanbul is still rocking an
d hoping to meet and play for more people in the near future. Contact us to see if we can perform for your event.

istavrit (a.k.a. horse mackerel) is a saltwater fish from the family of trachuridae. The Istanbul Strait is home to this species, just like the majority of the band's members.