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Parenting in a Digital World

In 9th grade HSE, we will view a small section of the powerful new film Trust, which will open discussion of how teenagers can protect themselves against online strangers.

As part of the Information Technology curriculum, your son or daughter will also be researching different case studies related to ICT Ethics including: hacking, spam, free expression in cyberspace, music/video/software ownership and filesharing, privacy online, access to the internet (digital divide), wikileaks, cybercrime.

This presents a great opportunity for you and your son or daughter to talk and for you to stay in touch with their online use. I am sure that you will learn something! Below are several sites that you can explore to familiarise yourself with some of the preventative measures that parents can take to minimise risks the digital world. These sites also have good resources for teenagers to browse:


 this site includes the short film Tagged, which we will watch as part of our program. This would be worthwhile for adults and teens to watch together to initiate discussion. There is also a quick survey for teens to assess their level of online safety.


 this site has great information for parents and teens, including public service announcement type videos for informing about various online topics and educational games for younger kids.