How We Express Ourselves

Yonguk G4 Skimming and Scanning

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Yonguk G4 Skimming and Scanning

Reflection:I enjoyed this because I got some informations and question was pretty hard.

How The World Was Created

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Cinquain Poem

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Yonguk's Judaism: Research

I enjoyed this activity because I researched and earned some informations.

Directions to St.Andrew's Church

posted Jan 6, 2014, 5:30 PM by Unknown user

When I leave ISS, I turn left and turn left again.Now I follow Irwell Bank Road and turn left. If I arrived at River Valley Road,I follow River Valley Road.
Turn right. Now go straight. If I turn right and turn left, there is St.Andrew's Road. And now, I arrived at St.Andrew's Church.   

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