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5DC Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall

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net and wall games are games where you have two hit the ball to a wall or over a net 

some are badminton  squash tennis net ball 

in this picture we were trying to show where the ball was la

nding and see if there was any patterns of where the ball; was landing 

Striking and fielding

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Striking and fielding is when two teams are going to get the ball and score or get a home run 

an example is foot ball base ball basket ball and many more 

5DC - Travis Striking & Fielding Assessment


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YouTube Video

this is video of us dancing when we made our own dance to the music 
click here

innovation games

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an innovation game is a game where there are two teams playing on the same area and try ing to defend and score points. there are different games that are innovation games.

game categories

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innovation games

net and wall


striking and fielding  

sports day

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Ωi was in  the 80 meters, 200 and the relay  I got 35 points for my team 

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores


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YouTube Video


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