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3SS Swim Technique Tips

Net and wall games

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Net and wall games are where there are a net or something to separate the two teams going into each others space. A few examples are badminton,tennis and volleyball.


Striking and fielding

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Striking and fielding games where you use something to hit something and the other team have to get it. Here are a few examples baseball,T ball and kickball.

3SS - Teddy Striking & Fielding Assessment



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Invasion games

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Game categories

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Striking & fielding- Is one team attacking and the other defending for a half of the game and switch for the other half.
Net/wall games Is when you cannot go to other people's side but you have to hit something to the other side.  

Target games Is when you shoot something to a target at the other side.

invasion games-A invasion game is when you can go on other people's side and change from attack to defense really fast.

sports day

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IN race three I did't see me in me in this picture because I can't run fast enough.

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores

In  sport day I got 10 point for my team.

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

Movie on 27-9-13 at 1.26

starting positions

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YouTube Video


My hands need to be a little bit further from the shoulder.
My legs need to be closer to the other legs.

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