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5DC Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall games

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Net and wall games are games which contains nets oe walls , and sorta similiar to striking and fielding. Net and wall games are games where there are 2 teams and each team members all work together to try to score the other teams net , in some games called a "goal" . Some examples of a Net and Wall games are Soccer , Volleyball , and sports like Tenis and Batminton.

Striking and Fielding games

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Striking and fielding games are Games where you strike and field .Striking means you  throw a ball or move the target of the game and you run before the fielders get to your target that you are trying to protect. Fielding is the opposite if striking but yet similar , the fielders are the enemie of strikers and strikers are the enemie of fielders. The fielder5 team work in a group together to try to prevent the strikers to get to there target and they all work together to do that. An example of a striking and Fielding game is Baseball , T ball , and Cricket.

5DC - Softie Striking & Fielding Assessment


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YouTube Video

This is me and my friends Madelaine and Arifah , And this is the link to our PE school blog of our comments of this dance :)

Invasion games

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So I did a video on our school iPad when we were playing hockey, Our Teacher,Mr.Nathan, told us to make a video of a little basketball court and show what would I do to get the ball,snatch the ball and protect out goal. The video is A little complicated but if you watch the whole thing, you'll understand. Hope you enjoy the video!!! :)

Game Categories

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Invasion games : 

Net/Wall Games : 

Striking and Fielding Games : 

Sports Day

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    In sports day, I won 11 points for my team, Newton. By team captain.

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores



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YouTube Video

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