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4AM Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall Games

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Net and wall games are games where there is 2 groups and and divided to their sides and there is a line in the middle where you can't pass.And Net games are almost the same things but a little different because Net games are where you have to use rackets.

Some examples of Net and wall games are Tennis,Packman,Badminton,Dutch Ball,Two square four square, Volley ball and Medic.


Striking and Fielding Game

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4AM - Sherrisa Striking & Fielding Assessment

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Sports Day

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Unit 1:Health & Fitness

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We did a lot of exercise because we can have more energy.If you exercise a lot than you can have a lot of energy and if you have a lot energy you could be really strong and fast.I learned a lot from all the things we did.Even if i lose all the time but i do not care at all because the most important thing is to have a lot of fun.Thank You!

4AM Health & Fitness

4AM HR Response

7 Minute Workout

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