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3SC Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall Games

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Net and wall games are also a 2 team game.

The team on the right side has to hit the ball on the left side and let no body on the left side see. 

The left side has to do the same thing by the way.


Striking and Fielding Games

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Striking and Fielding Game is a 2 team game.

It has the fielding team Try to catch the player that is running to the goal with the ball to win.

The striking team hits the ball and try to run to the three bases without getting cought and that is how they win.     

3SC - Sasithon Striking & Fielding Assessment


Invasion Games

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Game Categories

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Target Games-

Invasion Games-

Net/Wall Games-
Striking & Fielding-

Sports Day

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On sports day Ist won 5 points because I was in 2th place on the first race.
On the 2th race I won 1 point because I was in 5th place.
On the field I won 1 point because I was at 3 place.

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores


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