On Sports Day I got 4 points in total.I did vortex 1 time, I did long jump 2 times and I ran 2 times. 

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores


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3AD Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall games

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Net & Wall games are games are where people have to put points in there space.

Some examples of Net and Wall games are Lobster ball, badminton, basket ball, hockey, net ball, tennis and Ping-pong.

Striking & Fielding Games

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3AD - Reiki Striking & Fielding Assessment

Striking and fielding games are games where there are two teams. The batting team has to get points and the fielding teams have to stop the striking team from getting points.

Some examples of Striking and Fielding Games are badminton, base ball, cricket, soft ball, Danish long ball, Vigor, Lobster ball, cross over, Elf express and On the lines, off the lines.


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Invasion Games

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Game Categories

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Invasion Games

Target Games

Net/Wall Games 

Striking & Fielding Games 

Sports Day

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