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Hello, my name is Raymond. I am from Korea, and I have a blood of Chinese Japanese and American. I was currently in ISS for four years and this is my fifth year in ISS. I have friends called Koji, Sangje, Keagan, Reiki, Koki, Toma, Keisuke, Praveen, Raphael, Xian Hang and lots more! I had so much fun in the past four years and I am believing that Grade 5 would be great!  My hobbies are game creating, playing computer games, fencing, tennis and running around the field! My favorite games are Minecraft, Planetside 2, Aooni and Team Fortress 2! I love maths and writing or typing stories! My mother is a writer and my father is an owner of a businessman! I want to make new friends and I do not hesitate to learn new things!

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