About Me
     Hi! I'm Mark. I am a loud and cheerful kid. I go to ISS school because I have the best teacher so far: Mr. Reid. I like art, music and all types of video games. I also like card games and board games. I have an older brother, sister, mom and dad. I am currently 9. My favorite game is geometry dash where you have to jump over obstacle courses. I like any type of food. My best friend's name is Matthew. I like learning because I learn differently from my friends. Instead of solve questions logically, I do them creatively. My favorite movie is Star Wars lll. My favorite book is Harry Potter. Blog made in 19/08/2016.

e.g: Logic: 14-3 How I do it: A boy had 14 apples and ate 3.

Links to Previous Portfolios
Grade 3: https://sites.google.com/a/iss.edu.sg/mark-s-grade-3-portfolio/