Swimming Skills

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5DC Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall Games

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Net and Wall Games are when there are team or one person on each side and they have a net/wall so then they can't go over.

Some examples are Tennis, Wall Tennis, bat mitten and Net ball etc.

Striking and fielding.

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Striking and fielding are when there are two groups and they have a ball and they attack, and some of the people field.

Some examples are baseball, cricket, t-ball, softball and soccer etc.

5DC - Koki Striking & Fielding Assessment


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YouTube Video

This is our dance me Yuta, Kei and Reiji made. 
PLease enjoy.

This is the responses from my class

Invation games

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An Invation games is a game with two teams they have to defende and attack and it can change very fast.

Game Categories

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Invation game

Net and wall

Striking and fielding

Target Game

G5 Sports Day

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I lst all of them so I got 25 points for my team

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores


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YouTube Video


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