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4AM Swimming Technique Tips

25M Race Freestyle, Third
25M Race Breaststroke, Third

Net and Wall Games

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Net & Wall games are games where there is a net in the middle and each side have to score a point. To score a point if it is left and right side if left side shot it and right side didn't hit it and it fell on the right side left side score a point.

Some examples of Net and Wall games are tennis, table tennis. 

Striking and Fielding Games

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Striking and fielding games are games where two teams. One team is the striking team and one team is the fielding team. The fielding team's goal is trying to get the Striking team out. And the striking team is try to score a goal.

Some examples of Striking and Fielding Games are baseball, critic softball.

4AM - Kevin Striking & Fielding Assessment


YouTube Video


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Sports Day

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Unit 1: Health and Fitness

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Those weeks we did some activity like 7 minutes work out, and we test our HR. First we test our HR then we play some games then we test our HR again.

4AM Health & Fitness

4AM HR Response

7 Minute Workout

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