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4AM Swimming Technique Tips

I was 4th place in 25 METER freestyle
I was 4th Place in 25 meter Breathstroke
Raffles has 350 points

Net and wall games

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Net & Wall games are games where the space is different from the striking game and you are supposed to shoot at the other teams base
Some examples of Net and Wall games are 2 square 4 square and Tennis

Striking and Field game

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4AM - Ken Striking & Fielding Assessment

Striking and fielding games are games where there is to different 2 teams invading each others base and to win is either to score or something else.

Some examples of Striking and Fielding Games are Soccer and BaseBall.

YouTube Video

Sports day Race.

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Unit 1: Health & fitness

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In this unit we measured how much our heart beat and also we learned that are heart beat increase when exercise i also know now that there is a app call 7 minute work out :) 

4AM Health & Fitness

4AM HR Response

7 Minute Workout

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