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5DC Swimming Technique Tips

Net and Wall Games

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Net and Wall games are the sports that has 2 sides on the court and on middle, there is a line or net or wall to know where is other team's place.
Some of the examples of net and wall games are squash,tennis,badminton,2square,2square 4 square,4 square, ping pong, and lobster game.

I think red team is better because red team throw a ball to side and it makes blue team's tired and they throw to middle.


Striking and Fielding Game

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Striking and fielding games are sports that both team do batting and fielding. When team are doing batting other team must field and batting and fielding change when everyone hit a ball or fielding team got 3 outs.

Some of examples of striking games are baseball,cricket,softball kick baseball.

5DC - Kei Striking & Fielding Assessment


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Invasion Games

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There are 2 teams.
There is a court and 2 teams can run anywhere in the court even on the other team's side. 
One team attacks one team blocks.
When the attacking team is holding the ball,they need to score the goal and the blocking team must get the ball.

Game Categories

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Invasion Games

Net/Wall Games

Striking and Fielding Games 
Target games

Sports Day

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ON sports day I was in 3 track events and 3 field events and I got 23 points for Orchard.


2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores


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Crouch Start


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