Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Julia. I am 9 years oldI am from Netherlands and Malaysia. My favorite  animal is a dragon because they are very awesome. My favorite dragon is a Kitsune Dragon because when they are Epic Form they have nine tails. My favorite shows are : Tales of Tatonka, All About Animals, Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures and On the Spot. I go to ISS International School. My teacher is called Mrs Anji. I am in class 3AD. My favorite Games are: Roblox, Minecraft, and Dragon Village, Drake And The Wizards 2. I am also part of the Sky Army. The Sky Army made of more than one million people who subscribe to the channel Skydoesminecraft. Skydoesminecraft had created the Sky Army so he could have a way to destroy the Squid Army, an army made up of all the squids in Minecraft. If you want to go to my Youtube channel, my channel is NightFury381.