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3SS Swim Technique Tips

Net and wall games

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Net and wall  games are games where you have to heat an objet, there's a net and you need to heat the objet over the net and pass it to the person that it's in the other side of the net.
Some examples of Net and wall games are tennis, badminton.

Striking and fielding games

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Striking and fielding game are games where someone heat the ball and then he\she start to run to a cone  before the people in the middle catch the ball and throw the ball to a cone. 
Some examples of striking and fielding games are baseball and t ball

3SS - Delfina Striking & Fielding Assessment


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Invasion games

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Game Categories

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Striking and fielding
Net\wall games- Basketball, Baseball  

Target games-Golf, Tennis 

Invasion games-Soccer,  Hockey 


Sports day

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2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores

On the sports day I do 3 race and I get 6 points to my house (Somerset).

Starting Positions

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YouTube Video

I think that the girl that is in the video she is good doing that.


I think that i do good but the girl of the  anode video do very, very good.

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