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3SS Swim Technique Tips

Net & Wall Games

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Net and wall games are games were you have to score a point for the team that your on and you win if you get the most points.
Some examples for net and wall games are 4square,tennis and badminton

Striking and Fielding Games

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Striking and fielding games are where you go into different teams 
Some examples for Striking and fielding games are soccer,basketball,hokey

3SS - Cooper Striking & Fielding Assessment


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Invasion games

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Game categories

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Striking and fielding 

Net/wall Games 

Target games 

Invasion games 

Sports Day

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2013 FIELD EVENTS - Final Scores

2013 TRACK EVENTS - Final Scores

Starting Position

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YouTube Video


We both start at the line before I did anything i did what the girl did i put my elbow on the ground then I put my foot there.
We both are timing  and video ing and people are telling us when to go.

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