Swimming Gala

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4AM Swimming Technique Tips

My scores in Swimming Gala were…

In Freestyle: 1st place, 43.15 seconds, 10 points

In Backstroke: 3rd place, 56.81 seconds, 3 points

In Breaststroke: 4th place, 1:5.11 seconds, 1 point

Net & Wall Games

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Net & Wall games are games where there are 2 single or double teams with a dividing line/net in the middle. The goal is to get the other team out by trying to make them miss the ball

Some examples of Net and Wall games are: Ping Pong, Tennis, Badminton, TwoSquareFourSquare, Beach Ball, Squash

Striking & Fielding Games

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Striking and fielding games are games where there are 2 teams, one team striking and the other fielding. The striking team will throw/hit a ball to an empty place (where the fielding team is not currently occupying) then run to one of the bases. The fielding team will try to catch the ball and bring it to the base the runner is going to. For the striking team to get a point, they need to get a home run, which is running all the way around the field/game ground.

Some examples of Striking and Fielding Games are: BaseBall, NetBall, SoftBall, Cricket 

4AM - Auriane Striking & Fielding Assessment

YouTube Video


Sports Day Running Race

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Unit 1: Health and Fitness

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We talked about how healthy you should be, which included: what you should eat, how much exercise you need and what you need to keep your body healthy. We then did a 7min workout, this was my first time doing a 7min workout

4AM Health & Fitness

4AM HR Response

7 Minute Workout

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