Technology Mission

The technology tools and strategies used to achieve our school mission are continuously changing. In order for our students to achieve our Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes, International Schools Riau must support our learning community by providing ubiquitous access to current and emerging technologies, professional development, infrastructure, technical support, educational support and opportunities to enhance student learning through the integration of technology.

1:1 Learning Programs @ ISR

At ISR, we have two separate 1:1 programs to support student learning. Grades K through 4 are supported by a 1:1 iPad program and have access to shared MacBooks when needed.

Students in grades 5 through 8 use personal MacBooks as well as school issued iPads.

iPad Learning Program [K-4]

MacBook Learning Program [5-8]

Laptop Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Library & Media Standards

Technology is integrated into the curriculum through a framework built into the planning and design of the units of study. Standards and benchmarks are in place to ensure all students are introduced to all concepts.

Acceptable Use Policy

Students in 1:1 learning programs must sign a Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) before the commencement of the program.

Acceptable Use Policy K-2

Acceptable Use Policy 3-8