Welcome to the Grade 8 Social Studies homepage for Mr. Bizley's classes.  This page is designed to assist both students and parents with everything they need to know about social studies class this year.

To the left, there is a menu with several links, including:

Social Studies 8 - This page contains the course welcome letter that gives the yearly class syllabus and also describes policies regarding grading in social studies class.

Week Preview - Every Friday, a preview of the upcoming week will be posted.  This will be especially helpful to students who are absent, and also parents who want to know what is coming up in social studies

Assignments & Assessments - This is where students can find copies and links to important assignments.  Beneath this tab are links for each quarter of the year.

Calendar - This calendar will have important due dates for assignments and also other important dates related to social studies class.

Class Resources - This is where students can find resources needed for social studies class.  Similar to the Assignments & Assessments section, resources will be broken into each quarter of the school year.

Useful Links - At this time, this section will be used for extra social studies challenges, such as Flag of the Week and What & Where in the World

Videos - When there are videos that are shown in class or that need to be watched at home, they will be posted in this section.  Assignments may sometimes refer to a video to be watched.

I look forward to getting to know all students and parents this year and am anticipating a very exciting and productive year in social studies class.

Mr. Eric Hamlin
Room 3008