This website will be a one-stop shop for resources, announcements, class activities and tasks. Each tab contains a drop down menu; the content is organized biweekly. 

In each page, you will find a slideshow that lays out the objectives of the lessons. For students who seek more practice opportunities, Quizlet flashcards are readily available. This website is also a resource for catching up after an absence. If you would like to move forward or seek a good challenge, your find the next section of work and learn some new words on your own.
To help you organize your work, this website contains Google calendars to show assignment and assessment due dates. There is also a Google Classroom tab for easy access to announcements, discussions, collaborative tasks, and peer assessment.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me through email or in person.

Let's make good use of this learning community!

Ms Lin

Room 1034