About Math 8....

Frequently asked questions:


1) Mathematics notebook
2) Pencil, ruler, and fine-tipped green marker
3) Calculator (preferably one with a square-root function)
4) Lap-top or Pad capable of accessing this web-site

No textbook is required.  The resources for this course will be contained in this site.


Student work will be assessed on a 7-1 IB (International Baccalaureate) System scale with categories comprised of Knowledge and Understanding (40%), Communication (20%) and Transfer of Knowledge (40%).  These marks will be averaged to calculate a Semester Final Grade for Achievement.

Students will be assessed on Learning Habits under the categories of Organization, Collaboration, and Engagement.  These do not count toward an academic grade and are represented as a bar graph in report cards.

Retesting Policy?

Retests will be provided at the teacher's discretion.  The mark earned on the retest will be the mark counted toward the semester final grade.