Welcome Grade 6 Math Students

Follow the steps below to practice multiplying fractions...

Part I

You are planning on baking a treat for your homebase class. You will have to adjust the recipe to create the right amount for your class. Answer the following questions:

  1. What do you need to do to triple a recipe?
  2. What do you need to do to cut a recipe in half?

If you are unsure how the answer the above questions, click on Making Enough to learn how to change a recipe to make enough for all guests at the party.

Practice reading and converting recipes on this Recipe Practice. Play until you have a score of 50. Write down your work and solutions. Before going on, show a your work to a teacher.

Part II

If needed, review multiplying fractions with whole numbers here.

Practice multiplying fractions with whole numbers. Complete 5 correct problems. Make sure to write the problems and solutions on paper. 

Get Part II checked by a teacher.

Part III

Pick a recipe from the pages under Recipes. You and your partner will agree on one recipe you want to "create." 

Now you will have to use all of your math skills in order to make each ingredient in the recipe large enough to make dessert for everyone in the class (~20-24 people). After you have calculated the ingredients, have your teacher check them.

Part IV

Complete this challenge activity. Show a teacher your final score.