Welcome to Advocating for Change (AFC)

Dear 8th Grade Parents and Students,

With the 2017-2018 school-year entering the home stretch, students are beginning their final project of the year - Advocating for Change (AFC).  AFC is a trans-disciplinary, independent, inquiry-based unit requiring students to display mastery of skills learned this year in English, Social Studies, Math and Science classes. This project anchors our Grade 8 program of study, provides a culminating learning experience for Middle School, and offers an opportunity for students to demonstrate their preparedness for High School.

The goal of AFC is to provide students an opportunity to investigate an issue of importance to them and consider ways in which they can have an impact on bringing positive change to this issue. In the coming days, students will be choosing from one of eight possible issues and narrowing down their focus to a particular research question they are interested in investigating. Though few new skills are introduced in AFC, students must display mastery of previously learned skills involving research, citation of sources, paraphrasing, writing, critical thinking, questioning, public speaking, statistical interpretation, and scientific testing and design.

AFC is designed to be challenging, and as such, will require organization, responsibility, and efficiency.  Time will be allocated in English and Social Studies (8 weeks), Math (6 weeks), and Science (3 weeks), but students may find times when they have to work at home and take advantage of tutorial sessions in order to meet deadlines.  A list of due dates for AFC requirements will be provided to each student and will be made available on Google Classroom. Please consult this resource at regular intervals to support your child’s learning during the coming weeks.

While AFC is an important performance task in all core classes, it is our hope that by the end of this project, students will feel confident in their ability to apply learned skills and empowered to advocate for positive change.  As this week marks the start of their AFC project, please ask your child about the issue they will investigate and check in with them on their progress during the next six weeks.


The Grade 8 Team

International School Manila