Welcome to the ISK Student Services Team! 

Ann Tucker
Learning Support Coordinator: atucker@iskonline.org 
(Learning Center on the top floor of the main building room 201)

Lilianna Niemiec-Lutley 
Elementary School Counselor: llutley@iskonline.org    
(Elementary Counseling  Office on the top floor of the main building room 202)
Cindy Clark
        Secondary School Counselor: cclark@iskonline.org    
         (Secondary Counseling  Office, main building, by the flags, room 109)
 Edwin Watson
       EAL Coordinator: ewatson@iskonline.org    
                                                                                  (EAL Center on the top floor of the main building room 203)

Services available to ISK community:

  • individual counselling - students may request to see the Counselor or they may be referred by a teacher or a parent
  • small group counselling - focusing on a specific topic: anxiety, anger management, social skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, self-esteem...
  • classroom guidance lessons on team-building, conflict resolution, friendship, bullying prevention, child protection...
  • Peer Mediator Program - selected students are trained to mediate in conflicts, to help new students transition to the school, etc.
  • Student Support Team - meets when a student experiences challenges to consult on possible solutions (members: Learning Support Coordinator, Counselor, Principal, EAL teachers, Teacher/s)
  • Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) - are written when there is a diagnosed learning difference and the student requires classroom accommodations and/or modifications
  • EAL program - EAL (English as an Additional Language) program for students requiring support with English-language skills