Edwin Watson
EAL Coordinator/ Teacher: ewatson@iskonline.org

Samanta Cerusici-Rubik
EAL Teacher: scerusici-rubik@iskonline.org

Katarzyna Kuźniar-Klimkiewicz
EAL Teacher: kkuzniar@iskonline.org

Zuzanna Wright
EAL Teacher: zwright@iskonline.org

Oksana Kravchenko
EAL Teacher Grade 6A: okravchenko@iskonline.org


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the International School of Krakow! Below please find a general overview of the EAL (English as Additional Language) program offered at our school.

The EAL program at ISK is designed to provide students in grades 1-10, for whom English is a new or additional language, with a program of study that will support and accelerate their English language development in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

The EAL program at ISK follows a structured, content-based curriculum approach. It provides EAL students with rigorous content-based instruction. In content-based instruction, a content area such as science or social studies is used to acquire and practice social language skills needed in the interpersonal communication, as well as, the cognitive academic language skills necessary for success in the regular classrooms. Through this approach EAL students gain competencies in both the English language and the content areas. Beginner level students are introduced to this program gradually. Initially, instruction of beginners focuses on vocabulary expansion and development of grammatical knowledge necessary for basic oral communication within the school environment.

EAL instruction is offered to all eligible students in grades 0-10 at the beginning, intermediate, and transitional levels of proficiency to supplement the mainstream classroom environment. 
The WIDA MODEL test (Measure of Developing English Language) is used to determine initial English proficiency level as well as to assess progress in English.

WIDA Testing Procedures

All incoming EAL students complete the WIDA MODEL test in speaking, listening, reading, and writing twice a year according to the following schedule.

• Students who enter ISK having had no formal instruction in English with minimal oral skills in English will be tested mid-year (January) and at the end of the academic year (June).

• Students who enter ISK having had some formal instruction in English with limited oral skills will be tested in the beginning of the year (September) and at the end of the academic year (June).

• Students who enter ISK with records from schools where English was the language of instruction where the records imply that additional English instruction is recommended will be tested in the beginning of the year (September) and at the end of the academic year (June). Students who arrive after September will be tested soon after their arrival and again in June.

• Students who enter ISK with records from schools where English was the language of instruction where the records imply student meeting grade level expectations in core subjects will not be tested upon arrival to ISK. Those students will be noted and their academic progress will be monitored by the EAL coordinator. Testing will take place only if additional English support is deemed necessary based on academic progress.
Returning EAL students get tested mid-year (January) and at the end of the academic year (June). Students will be able to exit the EAL program upon reaching the Bridging/Reaching level on the WIDA MODEL test.

In some cases, exceptions will be made, where students will be allowed to leave the EAL program before reaching the Bridging/Reaching level on the WIDA MODEL test. Such decision will only be made based on clear evidence that there are factors other than English proficiency, for instance learning support needs, that are impeding the student from showing sufficient progress on the WIDA MODEL test. Parents, classroom teachers, EAL teachers as well as any other stakeholders will be involved in such decision making process.

Reports and Homework for EAL Students

Reports: Beginner level EAL students will follow modified curriculum in most subjects therefore their grades will be adapted to reflect progress in English accurately.

EAL Homework: EAL students will receive homework regularly. The homework will be designed to support and accelerate progress in English. Beginner level EAL students at the Elementary and Middle School level will initially receive most of their homework from the 
EAL teachers which will be gradually substituted by the regular classroom homework.

Should you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: ewatson@iskonline.org


Edwin Watson
EAL Coordinator / EAL Teacher