Education & Action for People and Planet.

The ISKL 'Green' Vision Statement:

"At ISKL educating for sustainability, nurturing nature and helping others are essential in the construction of a sustainable future; one that involves a balanced interaction with nature, engagement in stewardship for the Earth and its people, adapting to ecological limits and embracing the opportunities offered by a sustainable world." 

What We're Up To

As we move forward in our sustainability story, we recognize the value and necessity of giving leadership to our students and teachers. This year is about allowing students leaders to blossom and teachers to pioneer. It'a about empowerment and engagement. Increasingly, opportunities are presenting themselves and we intend to embrace them in moving forward to a more sustainable present, and future. 

Apart from an continuously increased presence and hard work, we hope to focus on the following things this year:

    • Continue use of administrative structures (e.g. Leadership Councils) and student-based organizations (e.g. Green Council) in moving forward with ESD and service learning inside and out of the classroom.

    • Identifying the best connections between ESD standards & benchmarks and departmental academic standards & benchmarks.

    • Bring in Cathy Berger Kaye to consult all divisions in the development of service learning unit plans.

    • Introduce all faculty to the service learning process.

    • Creating a new Operational Sustainability committee to focus on facilities and maintenance sustainability

    • Expand infusion of ESD into the formal curriculum

    • Introduce and develop a new the Global Citizen Project to our MS

    • Introduce and develop a new HS course named Global Issues. Local Solutions.

    • Infuse service learning at all divisions.

    • Continue efforts to reduce energy, paper, water, waste and carbon emissions

    • Continue efforts to increase recycling and composting

    • Continue assisting in the design and building of a new sustainable campus.

    • Expand collaboration regionally in the development of resources for ESD and service learning.

    • Identify a partner organization for a multi-year reforestation project to offset carbon from operations/new campus development.

    • Develop a Global Issues Network (GIN) program both at MS and HS.

    • Increase leadership capacity in our student population and empower authentic engagement with the broader community.
Here's to continued wonderful "green" and service-related things happening at ISKL!

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