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The Choreography of Presenting

Workshop Overview

Imagine being able to consistently present with purpose and intention in any setting. These skills can be used in any setting including on one-on-one, committee, and entire staff meetings. You may find application of these skills in promotional interviews and even your personal relationships.

What should happen within the first five minutes of a presentation? Learn how to influence what people think, do, say and feel as a result of choreographing in the first 5 minutes. Discover 9 things you can do to produce a positive learning environment, a sense of community, and a willingness of participants to go on the journey with you. You will create an opening and discover how simple yet eloquent a deliberate choreography can be. What you create can be applied to meetings people look forward to, don't look forward to, or may even be captive audience members to. Whatever your perspective, you may never look at openings the same again and may never do openings the same again.

Student Learning Outcomes

Participants in this session will:
  • Demonstrate patterns of credibility and approachability.
  • Explain how these patterns of communication influence thinking and increase levels of participation.
  • Practice patterns of rapport.
  • Practice patterns of listening and acknowledging participants.
  • Explain and practice how to acknowledge resistance when presenting.
  • Practice ways of respectfully addressing participant resistance in the moment when training.
  • Explain the 7 essential abilities of presenting framework from the context of their role as educators.
  • Practice third point and going visual to accelerate learning and increase receptivity.
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Workshop Details

WHEN: Saturday, 20 to Sunday, 21 October 2018
WHERE: ISKL Ampang Hilir Campus - Community Room
FEES: USD60 (EARCOS Members), USD110 (Non-EARCOS Members) 
FOCUS: Schoolwide
TRAINER: Kendall Zoller