Thinking Collaborative Global Conference

Workshop Overview

Thinking Collaborative is a recent merger of the Center for Cognitive Coaching and The Center for Adaptive Schools. It provides individuals and organizations with the strategies, skills and concepts to establish and sustain structures for thinking and collaborating that results in increased performance and resourcefulness. 

Whether you are new to the professional learning offerings of Thinking Collaborative or have worked with us before, we invite you to join the Inaugural Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur. It is a watershed moment for the organization and has been specifically designed to meet the complex needs of all educators.

Workshop Sessions Highlights:
  • Fostering Student Resilience
  • The OIQ Factor: Space, Time and Social Sensitivity - Or how we can raise the Oranizational Intelligence of Schools
  • An Introduction to Cognitive Coaching 
  • Cognitive Coaching Conversations to Support Professional Growth
  • Introduction to Adaptive Schools 
  • Non-Verbal Elegance When Paraphasing
  • Improving Teacher Collaboration
  • Focusing Four: A Premier Tool for Prioritizing and Gaining Consensus
  • Teachers as Architects of Learning
  • Cognitive Coaching Trainers Meeting
  • Creating Communities of Thought
  • Their Success is My Success - 3 Set Asides for Transformational Conversations
  • Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy
  • The Power of Collective Thinking: Using Cognitive Coaching Conversations with Groups
  • Adaptive Schools Trainers Meeting

Workshop Details:
When: Friday, 11 to Sunday 13 April 2014
Where: ISKL Melawati Campus (Melawati Studio)
Fees: ISKL Faculty: USD150
           Non-ISKL Faculty: USD300
Focus: School wide