ISNA 2012 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for the conference days? While the speakers and break out session date and times are still being set here is a rough schedule. Thursday am is registration followed by conference sessions throughout the rest of the day. Friday will have conference sessions all day and a conference dinner that night. Saturday will have conference sessions until about 2pm

Can I pay on arrival?   Sorry but we need your registration fee when you register. Running a conference takes a lot of pre-planning and coordination with the host school. ISNA conferences are self sufficient which means that the money we bring in from registration is the money that is used for that year’s conferences. The money is needed to pay for some of the up front bills.

How much does it cost to take taxi from the airport and how do I get one?
A taxi from the airport to JIS will cost approx. $25.
Once you exit the baggage reclaim hall, you will find several taxi and money changer booths. The most reliable taxi firm is “Bluebird” but there are several to choose from.

How long does it take to get back and forth from the airport and JIS
Traffic in Jakarta is a challenge! The journey time from the airport to JIS can be as little as 45 mins but as much as 2 and a half hours.

Are there any immigration fees I have to pay at the airport?
Yes you will need to purchase a visa on arrival BEFORE you pass through immigration. The current fee is $ 10 for a 7 day visa. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6months.

If I want to share a room with another nurse at the conference, how can I find a room mate?
Please email Linda and Helen if you are interested in sharing a room and we will help to link you up with each other. There are double and triple rooms so the potential for saving money is there!

Can I stay at another hotel? It is not mandatory to stay at the Kristal Hotel If you find another hotel or want to stay with a friend that is fine. You will need to plan your own transportation in that event.

What is the exchange rate for Indonesia? One US dollar is about 9,000 rupiah. You can check specifically for your country’s currency at Currency Converter at http://www.xe.com/ucc/

Can I exchange money once I reach Jakarta?
Yes, at the airport on arrival. You can also change money at the hotel and in the shopping malls.

What is included in the conference? All of the speaker sessions, break out sessions, lunch each day, morning and afternoon tea breaks each day and a conference dinner Friday evening.

How to I stay in touch to learn about conference updates? You will be sent a link to to an ISNA conference website as well as be invited to join the ISNA Face Book page. Emails with updates will also be sent out to people who have registered

Can others come to the conference? Yes! Please invite any other school nurses or other nurses who are interested in school nursing. We have also had schools send administrative representatives to learn more about school nursing which resulted in the school hiring school nurses!!

Will I receive CEU’s for attending the conference? We are sorry but we are not an authorized provider for any country’s nursing continuing education program. However, may states/countries accept conference attendance certificates which will be issued. Check with your licensing authority for your requirements.