Welcome to Google Destination!

        Tired and sick from school and home, choose us and go to Rome.  This is Google Destination a travel agency like google. It can take you to a googol amount of places. (googol = a 1 followed by a hundred zeros.) With us you can go in five star luxury and all premium tickets but you have to pay a good amount of money, or you don't even need to pay. But if your budget is low, we will give you the best within your budget. Be the hundredth customer of us today and we will give you a free voucher to book a ticket in one hour to anywhere, even on the moon. So don’t wait call us and have a wonderful experience. Call us at, 1800189229. And get the benefit now, from google destination. It’s not just this if you are taking kids on a field trip to learn about other countries cultures, we have our own historian and guides and a whole staff with resorts all over the world. Also we give you a 30% discount if you use our cooperation  to organize any field trip. So don’t wait, if you are tired and sick from school and  home, choose us and go to Rome.

Our company, Google Destination gives you an opportunity to take the students to experience and learn the culture of Rome. Not just that we give the best resort or hotel in your budget. We go to historical places and explain the culture of Rome such as:-

  • The Colosseum
  • Trevi fountain
  • Roman Forum
  • The Pantheon
  • Vatican City
  • And other historical places
  • Don't Forget the Five star luxury hotel
With the we have excellent guides who will navigate you around Rome and show you what you want to see. Also these guides are pro’s in this work and are highly experienced and skilled. So if you are organizing a field trip to a historical place, choose us and go to Rome.

Small print: This is just a school project so for readers who are really willing to go to Rome, sorry but this is not the site. 

Even smaller print: We encourage you to read the sub-pages for informational database and research facts.