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We've gotten requests for an online copy of the Take publication we made for IASAS Cultural Convention. In case you lost your copy or just want to take another look, we've attached the PDF to this link on the CC website. Enjoy!

Stephanie McFeeters
Editor-in-Chief of Take

Catch the Dance Performances, Drama Performances, and Debate Finals

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Catch the Dance Performances, Drama Performances, and Debate Finals from Cultural Convention 2011 on the Cultural Convention 2011 Livestream Link.




Watch live streaming video from iskl at

Livestreaming of Cultural Convention Performances

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Visit ISKL Livestream! Visit for online streaming of the dance and drama performances at ISKL's 2011 Cultural Convention.

Watch live streaming video from iskl at

EventTypeLocationDayTime (GMT +08:00)
DanceISKLTheaterThursday7:50-8:20 am
DramaISBTheaterThursday13:30-14:15 pm
DanceTASTheaterThursday14:30-14:50 pm
DramaJISTheaterThursday18:30-19:15 pm
DanceSASTheaterThursday19:30-19:50 pm
DramaISMTheaterFriday13:30-14:15 pm
DanceJISTheaterFriday14:30-14:50 pm
DramaSASTheaterFriday18:30-19:15 pm
DanceISBTheaterFriday19:30-19:50 pm
DramaTASTheaterSaturday13:30-14:15 pm
DanceISMTheaterSaturday14:30-14:50 pm
DramaISKLTheaterSaturday18:00-18:45 pm


Grant Millard, High School Principal

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you from the International School of Kuala Lumpur. The 29th Annual IASAS Cultural Convention for Drama-Dance-Debate-Forensics is an event which we are very proud to be hosting again – the last time was eight years ago. A tremendous amount of planning has been dedicated to making the next several days memorable ones for you.  We are lucky enough to have a prepared team of technicians, judges, timers, door guards, maintenance staff, and back stage crews- all of the people supporting your and your craft.  There are excellent opportunities for the dance and drama delegates to engage in workshops and critique sessions.  And, of course, we wish all of the forensics and debate delegates the best of luck in their competitive events.  We strongly encourage all delegates to attend as many performances, speeches, and debates as you can. 

Each delegate from each IASAS school has no doubt been working tirelessly to ensure that their very best is exhibited at this 29th Annual Convention.  At ISKL a large team of faculty, students, and parents have also been working tirelessly to make this event a reality.  As you must know, an event of this magnitude would not have been possible without a tremendous amount of housing, hospitality, transportation, scheduling, and maintenance support.  As always at ISKL, our students, faculty, and parents have supported this convention extensively and we appreciate their assistance and flexibility.

Again, welcome and good luck (or break a leg) to each of you for a successful experience at ISKL.



Grant Millard

High School Principal

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Paul Chmelik, Head of School

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Welcome to the International School of Kuala Lumpur. We are very pleased that once again our association with IASAS has brought us all together for one of the co-curricular highlights of the school year, the Drama/Dance/Debate/Forensics Cultural Convention. “Cultural” is a wonderful way for performing artists and orators to showcase their talents and to learn from each other. It is rich with entertainment and the sharing of ideas. To all of the students involved, I hope you feel proud of your work and your school, learn much from your student peers, enjoy the opportunities for friendship and intellectual stimulation that abound during Cultural Convention, and simply have a lot of fun.

Two of the school-wide learning results that ISKL holds dear are “think creatively” and “learn enthusiastically.” Thanks to you and your teachers and friends, I am confident there will be much of both going on over the course of the next few days. Once again, welcome to ISKL and all best wishes for an excellent experience.

Paul Chmelik
Head of School

Drama-Dance Information

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For Drama / Dance information, please visit this site:
Thank you.

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