The project

      This is the site of the Erasmus Plus KA1 project of ISIS Galileo Galilei, a technical school located in Gorizia, Italy.

The project aims at improving staff competences in general but above all in the area both of new teaching methods and tools and language competences. Teachers need to be able  to manage classrooms and create new resources using new strategies such as problem solving and developing team working, collaborative learning, self and peer assessment. This way they can be tutors and not just mere distributors of knowledge. In order to achieve this, teachers need to become acquainted with different and innovative approaches in order to offer their students more successful and stimulating learning experiences. Using the new technologies the students can be in touch with a reality much bigger than their own classroom and can do activities which might help them to build their own knowledge. If teachers are in a position to enlarge their classes to a wider reality and have the opportunity to share experiences with colleagues from other countries and cultures, the school itself will be immersed in a more European dimension.
Our school is already quite active on the eTwinning platform but teachers need a deeper knowledge both of a foreign language and of new technologies in order to be able to cope successfully with such European projects.