You can find ManageBac via the Stafflinks page or by clicking the image below.

You can download any of the help files by clicking on the pdf document at the bottom of the pages. They can all be found on the ManageBac website when you click "Help".
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  • Add Tasks and Assignments to your course
  • Enter your grades and comments for all MYP summative assessments
  • Enter grades and comments for major DP assignments (tests, essays, reports, ...)
  • Add other teachers who may share the class
  • Edit the class settings for
    • Phases (for Langauge B)
    • Description
    • Announcement
  • Add events and deadlines to the calendar
 We will regularly re-import the class lists to match SOM, if you are keen to get grades in ......
  • Inform us if you cannot find a student in ManageBac who is in  SOM

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