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This is the wiki site for Ishah 'El theatre arts, a small fledgling non-profit cultural performing arts organization dedicated to the education, preservation, development, promotion and presentation of various cultural performing arts (we'll define this better as we go along). This wiki is designed to be used by members to collaborate together on projects and for visitors to find information about these projects as well as other research materials for use in teaching, presentations and performances. It is our goal to have a fully developed interactive site where you can find just about anything that pertains to dramatic performing arts derived from the many cultures of our wonderful world, and for this to happen effectively and efficiently, we need your help.

What can you do?

Join Us. 

Become an active member and contribute your passion and knowledge of cultural arts to our wiki and share it with others.

Support Us.

Yes, by this we do mean financially. There are many ways you can help by buying some handcrafted arts or donating to our organization. In the column to the left are several links that will take you to pages for you to help support us.

Donate Stuff.

We are always in need of materials for doing work and we have a page (in progress) of items that we'd be interested in taking off of your hands. Also, you can claim it on your taxes. Whoa yeah!


We can't pay you anything - yet - but we'd still love to have your help. Give us a call or send us an email. Let's talk.


Join us & share your talents with others on a project, whether it’s your own or one that someone has started. 

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