Top FAQs

    Accessing Google Apps

    How do I log in to Google Apps?

    1. Go to
    2. Click the correct domain name of your email account. Domain name is the part of your email address that follows the '@' symbol.
    3. Log in with your existing user name and password. Your username is the part before the '@' symbol, such as name in

    Can I access my Google Apps account from another email program?

    Yes, you can access your emails using another email program, such as MS Outlook.

    Instrutions to edit your outlook settings are available here: Alternatively outlook users can also make use of google apps sync to sync their email, contacts & calendar.

    Other email programs:

    Please take note of recommended settings when using an imap client.


    Which web browsers can I use with Google Apps?

    Google Apps fully supports the following browsers 

    • Google Chrome 4.0+
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+
    • Apple Safari 3.0+
    For the best user experience, please use Google Chrome.

    Are there any other system requirements?

    No. Because Google Apps runs in a web browser, you just need to use a supported browser.

    Accessing Zimbra

    Can I still access my Zimbra email and calendar after the migration?

    Zimbra will be kept up and running for older data in case there is need to access or remigrate your data. Please send an email to if you feel data has not been migrated over.

    You can access zimbra at (using your username & the temporary migration password) if you need to export your contacts or calendar. Please do not send emails from zimbra.

    When will you remove my access to Zimbra.

    Access will be removed from Zimbra in October. All Zimbra data will be backed up for long term archiving.

    Other General Questions

    Will my email address change?

    No, you'll continue to use your existing email address.

    Will we have access to Google Labs?

    Yes, you access Google Mail Labs by clicking the Labs (green flask) icon in the upper-right corner of your Mail window. Note that Google Mail Labs is a collection of new ideas for Google Mail features that you can try. Please be aware that these features are not officially "released" and can change, become unstable, or disappear at any time.

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